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What is the representation of the metal seal butterfly valve model?

Jun 05,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

What is the representation of the metal seal butterfly valve model? Metal seal butterfly valve refers to a butterfly valve with a metal ring. This kind of valve has the characteristics of high temperature and high pressure, erosion resistance, and which is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power generation, high temperature furnaces and other fields or industry production lines.

The metal-sealed butterfly valve was originally developed to allow it to adapt to high temperature, severely eroded media environments, to achieve the cut-off and adjustment of the medium in the pipeline. However, due to the relationship of metal seals, the sealing performance of metal-sealed butterfly valves is poor, making them very limited in use. In order to overcome this defect, and in order to allow the hard seal butterfly valve to adapt to more working conditions, three eccentric hard seal butterfly valve came into being.

The metal seal butterfly valve is a valve with a large demand in the butterfly valve market, but it is understood that many people know very little about the metal seal butterfly valve, such as the metal seal butterfly valve model representation method.

Metal seal butterfly valve model is as follows:

Butterfly valve + drive method + connection form + structure form + sealing surface material + working pressure + valve body material

Butterfly valve code: D;

Driving method code: manual (not written), turbine (3), pneumatic (6), electric (9);

Connection form code: Wafer type (7), flange type (4);

Structural form code: double eccentric (2), three eccentric (3);

Sealing surface material: rubber (X), fluorine plastic (F), stainless steel (H), hard alloy (Y), with the valve body material (W);

Working pressure is usually kilograms;

Body material code: carbon steel (C), stainless steel (H).

Example of double eccentric butterfly valve representation: D342X-16C

Example of a three-offset butterfly valve: D343H-16C

Double eccentric butterfly valve sealing surface for line contact, position sealing structure, usually this type of valve can be high temperature corrosion, but does not endure high pressure, working in high pressure conditions will have a lot of leakage, so double eccentric butterfly valve is not suitable for high pressure engineering Or it may require a particularly good sealing performance in the pipeline.

Triple eccentric butterfly valve is currently the most advanced technology of butterfly valve products. Its appearance not only inherits the advantages of traditional hard-sealed butterfly valves against high temperature erosion, but also overcomes the problems of traditional hard-sealed butterfly valves that are not resistant to high pressure and poor sealing performance. 

Butterfly valves are particularly suitable for large diameters, replacing some other types of valves in many operating conditions.

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