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Pneumatic butterfly valve principle and parameters

Jun 19,2018 Posted by Bundor

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Pneumatic butterfly valve principle

The pneumatic butterfly valve absorbs the dry, lubricated gas and controls it by means of a positioner, solenoid valve or other device. This gas is delivered to the cylinder of the pneumatic actuator. This is the air source for the pneumatic actuator. When the cylinder When the air source is introduced into the air chamber of the pneumatic actuator, the air pressure acts on the piston, and the generated thrust drives the output shaft to rotate. At the same time, the valve stem and the butterfly plate are driven to rotate, thereby completing an opening and closing motion of the butterfly valve. A valve positioner is added to the pneumatic butterfly valve, and the precise opening of the butterfly valve can also be adjusted. In addition, intelligent positioners can be used to connect with the fieldbus to achieve the purpose of detecting the working status of the pneumatic butterfly valve and provide diagnosis.

Pneumatic butterfly valve can be opened and closed flexibly and rapidly under the action of pneumatic actuators, which guarantees the safety of pipelines. It is a kind of control valve used in industrial pipelines. Pneumatic butterfly valve parameters can be divided into two parts, one is the basic parameters of the butterfly valve itself, and the second is the basic parameters of the pneumatic actuator.

Pneumatic butterfly valve parameters

Valve Name Pneumatic Butterfly Valve

Working medium Liquid, gas, oil, etc.

Working temperature -29~400°C

Body Material Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel

Connection type Flange, clip, welding

Stroke 60° 90°

Fault location Fault open, fault off, retention

Flow characteristics equal percentage (EQ-%)

Pneumatic device parameters

 Air source pressure 0.4~0.7mpa

Ambient temperature -20~90°C

Accessories Configuration Air Filter Regulator, Valve Positioner, Electrical/Air Converter, 

Solenoid Valve, Air Control Reversing Valve, Pneumatic Amplifier, Quick Exhaust Valve, Manual Operation Mechanism, etc.

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