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Hard seal butterfly valve manufacturer and price

Jun 20,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

The hard seal butterfly valve is also called the metal seal butterfly valve. The seal form is a metal-to-metal seal. That is to say, the seal pair of the hard seal butterfly valve is composed of a hard alloy material and a hard alloy material. Hard seal butterfly valve is usually eccentric structure, so it is also called eccentric butterfly valve. Because it is a metal seal, so the hard seal butterfly valve has a good high temperature and pressure resistance, erosion resistance, so the life of the hard seal butterfly valve will be longer than the soft seal butterfly valve, but the metal seal butterfly valve, the sealing performance is relatively poor, in the valve completely There is still a certain amount of leakage after closing.

Hard seal butterfly valves are widely used in petroleum, chemical, smelting, power generation, high-temperature furnaces and many other industries. They can be used as cut-off valves, and can also be used as flow regulation and control. Therefore, the market for hard-sealed butterfly valves is very large, competition is fierce, and the development prospects are also very broad. However, due to the lack of relevant institutional constraints, the current competition in the hard seal butterfly valve market is not benign. Many hard seal butterfly valve manufacturers choose to drive down prices in order to control costs, which means that the quality of valve products is not guaranteed. If the valve market enters such a vicious circle, it is ultimately the end customers who suffer losses.

Therefore, for customers, when purchasing hard-seal butterfly valves, we must not only look at the price but ignore the product quality. Imagine a valve with a poor quality that is installed in the pipeline. This is a big security risk. In particular, hard-seal butterfly valves are usually used in high-temperature, high-pressure, and corrosive working conditions. Once a problem occurs and a leak occurs, the consequences are unimaginable.

High quality hard-sealed butterfly valves provide maximum protection for the safety of our industrial pipelines. When a customer purchases a valve, it is most important to choose a good hard-sealed butterfly valve manufacturer. Here, we recommend the Bundor for you, which has been established for 24 years since its establishment in 1994. It has a strong R&D and manufacturing team and a perfect sales and service system, so that you can purchase valve products with more confidence.

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