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What is the price of pneumatic butterfly valve?

Jun 21,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

What is the price of pneumatic butterfly valve? What is the principle of pneumatic butterfly valve? Pneumatic butterfly valve is a kind of universal valve widely used in industrial pipelines. It is a kind of valve which is more common in the fields of chemical industry, petroleum, smelting, papermaking, mining, and medical treatment. And, in all pipelines requiring pneumatic valves, pneumatic butterfly valves are also used in a relatively large number of valves. Because of its unique performance advantages, pneumatic butterfly valves are more widely used in large and medium-diameter pipes with low pressure and normal pressure. With the increase of caliber, their price will be more economical than other types of valves.

Pneumatic butterfly valve price

Pneumatic butterfly valve is widely used in industrial pipelines, because its structure is simpler and easier to install and maintain than other valves. In addition, pneumatic butterfly valves only need to select 90° to realize the switch. The whole process is very Rapidly, the pneumatic butterfly valve is an automatic valve, which greatly improves work efficiency.

Because there are many kinds of butterfly valves, the pneumatic butterfly valve can also choose different valve body materials, sealing ring materials and component materials according to the different needs of customers, so that the pneumatic butterfly valve can be adapted to different media, different workers. In the environment. According to the customer's requirements, different materials can be used to seal the ring, different parts of the material, apply to different media, working conditions, so that the pneumatic butterfly valve to achieve its expected results. Different valve materials, different manufacturing processes required, the price will be different, so for the price of pneumatic butterfly valve, also need to be determined according to the valve material, if you have purchase requirements in this area, you can contact the valve like to tell us You need the valve material. We will quote you the price of the pneumatic butterfly valve as soon as possible.

Pneumatic butterfly valve principle

The principle of the pneumatic butterfly valve is to suck air through a pneumatic actuator and compress the air, and then use the compressed air as a power source to drive the valve stem to drive the disk-shaped butterfly plate to rotate around the stem axis with a rotation angle of 0-90°. When the disc is rotated 90° from its initial position, the valve opens or closes, or closes.

Pneumatic butterfly valve pneumatic actuator working speed is relatively fast, so in the process of performing the action is not easy to get stuck because of stuck, and because it is an automatic valve, the entire working process does not need to manually operate in the field, to protect the safety of workers . Pneumatic butterfly valve not only can be used in the flow of media in the cut-off pipeline; it can also be used for flow regulation, and only need to be equipped with a valve positioner to realize the function of adjusting the flow.

Pneumatic butterfly valve actuators have single-acting and double-acting points. The single-acting actuator has a spring return function. When a gas or power failure occurs, the valve can be automatically closed or opened. Double-acting actuators are vented and vented.

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