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Purpose Of Using Gate Valves In Industry

Jul 12,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

The Gate valve is the most common type used in the Industrial sector. This is used to start or stop the fluid flow. While closing a positive shut-off is given. In isolating systems it is used as a “Block Valve”. The gate valve should be either fully open or fully closed, never used to control the flow as the velocity of the fluid has the tendency to corrode the valve internal components such as body, gate, seats etc.,

When a straight line fluid flow and minimum flow restrictions are required, the Gate valve is utilized to stop or start the flow. In such a way, the Gate Valve is designed. In service, the valve is either fully closed or opened.

While opening, the disc of the gate valve is completed removed and allowing the contents to pass. Though it gives the good shut-off properties to the valve, it cannot be quickly closed or opened; when open it is more sensitive to the vibration.

From Aluminum to Zirconium is used to manufacture the gate valves. Gate Valve Manufacturers also use a variety of engineering plastics. However, Steel, Bronze, and Iron are the most common materials used for Gate valve manufacture.

Steel is the prime choice of material for an industrial valve. A broad range of steels is used for the valve construction. Most of the steels and low alloys are easy to weld, that makes the modifications easily, makes the repairing process simple.

The two types of Gate Valves are: The Rising Stem Gate Valve and the Non- rising Stem Gate Valve

The two body types of Gate Valves are: Casted body and forged body

The two types of disc are: Parallel gate and Wedge Gate


Gate valves have a wide range of applications due to its diversified construction materials, design combination, and trim offerings. These valves reliably perform from food & pharmaceutical services to high-temperature coking units. In the power industry, certain gate valves are ideal for both critical and standard applications, such as steam distribution in power plants. The valve design eliminates leak paths, reduces weight and simplifies the exterior insulation application. It is with the forged steel body provides the highest integrity sealing. To control the flow through a system, the valve is used. It may be used to start, stop, and throttle the flow to ensure the efficient and safe operation.

Gate Valve usage in Oil and Gas Industry:

This is a subset of the pipelines category. Due to the high demand for oil and gas, longer pipelines, deeper wells have become vital. Along with the economic cost, the device is expected to be tougher, long lasting and better performing to meet out the industry’s demand. The environments and operating conditions will be extreme with high temperature, pressure or low pressure, cryogenic applications. Since the Gate valve possesses the capacity of remote control it is predominantly used.

Other than the O&G, Gate valve usage is popular in Marine, Biopharm, Food & Beverage, and Pipelines Industries.

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