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What are the characteristics of soft seal gate valves?

Apr 22,2019 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

Traditional gate valves often have water leakage and rust. To overcome this drawback, a soft seal gate valve has appeared. As a new generation of traditional gate valve, the soft seal gate valve overcomes the shortcomings of poor sealing performance, poor elasticity and easy rusting of the general gate valve.

The soft seal gate valve uses a resilient rubber-wrapped shutter. In this way, the elasticity of the rubber can be utilized to generate a slight deformation compensation effect, so that the valve achieves a good sealing effect. The characteristics of the soft seal gate valve are as follows:

1. The valve plate of the gate valve is entirely covered with rubber
gate valve

The high-quality rubber is used to tightly wrap the shutter of the soft seal gate valve, which improves the sealing performance and is not easy to fall off.

2. The valve body is not easy to rust and corrosion

The use of powder epoxy resin to coat the valve body of the soft sealing gate valve enables the valve body to be effectively resistant to oxidation, to rust, and to prevent corrosion of the valve body. Soft seal gate valves are often used in wastewater treatment systems.

3. The seat is flat design

The bottom of the valve seat of the traditional gate valve usually has a groove. When the medium flows through the valve in the pipeline, impurities and particulate matter contained in the medium will precipitate and deposit in the bottom groove, so that the valve cannot be tightly closed and leaks. This can cause an accident. The bottom of the valve seat of the soft seal gate valve has a flat bottom design. There are no grooves. After the medium in the pipeline flows, there will be no accumulation of impurity particles. In this way, the sealing performance of the valve is guaranteed to avoid leakage.

4. Precision cast valve body

The valve body of the soft seal gate valve is precision cast. The dimensions are accurate. No further finishing is required inside the valve body. The sealing of the valve body is guaranteed.

5. Ductile iron body, light weight

The soft seal gate valve uses ductile iron material as the valve body material. The overall weight of the valve is 20%-30% lighter than conventional gate valves. The lighter weight makes the soft seal gate valve easier to install and maintain.

6. The inside of the valve body is not easily corroded

The soft sealing gate valve body is coated with non-toxic epoxy resin inside, and the gate is completely wrapped by rubber, which can effectively avoid the corrosion of the medium inside the valve body.

7. Three "O" type seal seal design

The valve stem of the three "O" seal seal design greatly reduces the frictional resistance of the soft seal gate valve when it is closed. The sealing performance is reliable. There are no more leaks. The unique design also allows the “O” seal to be replaced with pressure. And no maintenance.

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