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Introduction of the product characteristics of pneumatic wafer type butterfly valve

Aug 02,2019 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

The pneumatic wafer type butterfly valve is composed of a pneumatic actuator and a butterfly valve. According to the mode of action, it can be divided into pneumatically regulated butterfly valve type and pneumatic switch butterfly valve. The utility model has the advantages of simple and compact structure, convenient processing and easy to be made into a large diameter. And it has a self-cleaning effect. It has a small drag coefficient and a large circulation capacity. At present, pneumatic wafer type butterfly valves are used more and more on low pressure large and medium diameter pipes.
wafer type butterfly valves

The features of the Bundor pneumatic wafer butterfly valve are as follows.

1. Sealing performance is reliable. If a three-eccentric structure is used, the leakage level can generally reach level 6.

2. The butterfly valve disc adopts a frame structure. It has high strength, large flow area and low flow resistance.

3. The overall baking finish can effectively prevent rust. It can be used for different media as long as the sealing seat seal material is replaced.

4. Unique structure, flexible operation, labor saving and convenient.

The above is the product characteristics of the pneumatic wafer type butterfly valve. Next, we will analyze why some of the butterfly valves are energized when the pneumatic butterfly valve is used in the air, but some are powered off.

1. We mainly look at how the cylinders and valves of the pneumatic butterfly valve are assembled. The cylinder has two states. One is that the piston is on either side of the column, and the other is that the two pistons are in the middle. We set it to open when the piston of the cylinder is on both sides. Set to off when the piston is in the middle. In addition, the butterfly valve has two states, open and closed. If the opening of the cylinder and the opening and closing of the butterfly valve are the same, there will be no pneumatic wafer butterfly valve to be energized to open, and some power-off is turned on. When this problem occurs, the reason why the air intake hole of the cylinder does not change is that the opening of the cylinder and the closed state of the butterfly valve are misplaced. If the intake air intake of the same pneumatic butterfly valve is changed, the butterfly valve will be energized to open, and some power will be turned off.

2. Under the same principle, single-acting pneumatic butterfly valves are generally divided into normally open and normally closed.

Pneumatic wafer type butterfly valves are widely used and are indispensable industrial pipe fittings in industrial production management. It is widely used not only in general industries such as petroleum, gas, chemical, water treatment, but also in cooling water systems of thermal power stations.

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