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What is the model and price of the signal butterfly valve?

Sep 25,2019 Posted by Bundor

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What is the signal butterfly valve model?

The signal butterfly valve is not much different from the ordinary butterfly valve. The difference is that the signal butterfly valve has one or two signal lines from the transmission device than the ordinary butterfly valve, which can reflect the switching state of the valve at that time.
What is the model and price of the signal butterfly valve?

Therefore, the signal butterfly valve model has a code "X" than the ordinary soft seal butterfly valve, which means the meaning of the signal.

There are two common types of signal butterfly valves: the XD71X and the XD371X.

What is the price of the signal butterfly valve?

Regarding the price of the signal butterfly valve, it can be given after knowing the complete parameters, size and other information of the signal butterfly valve.

If you need a quotation for the signal butterfly valve, please click on the online customer service of the website for consultation.

Why do we want to produce a signal butterfly valve?

In a fire pipe network, there are many devices with special functions, such as various fire alarm valves and water flow indicators. When professionals are debugging or disassembling these devices, they will face a problem. We know that these devices are directly connected to the fire pipe network in most cases. Once there is no other protective measure during disassembly, it means that the pipe connected to it is passively opened, and the pressurized water flow will continue to flow out, which is obviously stupid and unacceptable.

Therefore, before installing these devices, such as alarm valves, indicators, etc., the staff will first configure a butterfly valve to control the flow of water to facilitate the commissioning of the device later. In daily work, the butterfly valve is opened and the equipment can be put into operation at any time. When it is necessary to debug the equipment, the butterfly valve in front of the equipment can be closed to control the water flow. The device can then be commissioned without worrying about water spilling.

Why do we have to use the "signal" butterfly valve? Can't I use a normal butterfly valve?

First we need to understand the function of the signal butterfly valve. When the signal butterfly valve is closed, its internal components will transmit a closed signal to the fire signal center system.

If a fire-fighting maintenance personnel forgets to open the fire-fighting signal butterfly valve after careless maintenance of the equipment, the equipment of the fire control center will enter an alarm state, indicating that the signal butterfly valve at a certain position is not open. In this way, the open and close states of all the signal butterfly valves in the entire system can be monitored from time to time.

If a normal butterfly valve is used, when the fire system fails, the staff cannot determine in the fastest time which butterfly valve is mistakenly closed due to operational errors, which wastes a lot of manpower and material resources.

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