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Stainless steel flange butterfly valve model and picture

Sep 18,2021 Posted by Bundor

Industry News
Stainless steel flanged butterfly valves can be divided into soft sealing and hard sealing according to the material of the sealing surface. Therefore, according to the "Valve Model Preparation Method", the common stainless steel flanged butterfly valve models are:

Soft sealing stainless steel flanged butterfly valve:

D41X-16P (handle operation), D341X-16P (worm gear drive), D641X-16P (pneumatic), D941X-16P (electric)

Hard-sealed stainless steel flanged butterfly valve:

D343W-16P (worm gear), D643W-16P (pneumatic), D943W-16P (electric)

Compared with other materials, stainless steel flanged butterfly valves have many advantages in application fields. Because of the material characteristics, stainless steel butterfly valves have advantages in pressure resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, physical and chemical cheerfulness, and butterfly valve service life. Therefore, stainless steel butterfly valves It is widely used in the special industrial production chain of civilian food industry, chemical plant, crude oil, pharmaceutical industry and so on.

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