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Valve system of Bundor for Seawater

Mar 08,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

Seawater and brackish-water desalination is an underused source of clean water today, although large-scale operations have been in existence for over 50 years. The facilities for desalination are much more complex, and the piping systems more robust than standard water purification plants.Desalination occurs through two major methods: the membrane method and the thermal method. 

The positive side to the huge infrastructure needs is that those needs equate to large orders for equipment manufacturers, including those in the valve industry. As long as ample money flows into the fiscal municipal pipeline, much-needed clean water should continue to flow through the valve-laden water pipelines as well.

The valve system of Bundor is especially established to meet oversea customer’s one-stop shopping needs. Bundor provides various products series for customer to choice, including Drilling equipment package, oil production equipments, Miscellaneous materials for oil well service, Infrastructure materials for projects(valves, pipelines, etc), Environmental protection equipments for oilfield and cities, infrastructure facilities and consumables(integrated modular building, parking equipments, cement, bitumen, etc), Automobile and vessel etc.

Our professional manufacturing team, international compliance experts, logistics specialists and after-sale service team along with 20+ overseas branches\office\ warehouses and 62 international transit lines together make it possible to help customers win maximum investment return.


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