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Flanged telescopic butterfly valve function and advantages and disadvantages

Oct 22,2021 Posted by Bundor

Industry News
In this article, Bundor valve introduces you to the functions, advantages and disadvantages of flanged telescopic butterfly valves, as well as installation precautions.

Flange telescopic butterfly valve function:

Flanged telescopic butterfly valves are mainly used in petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, textile, paper, electricity, water supply and drainage, and gas pipelines to adjust flow and intercept media, and have the function of compensating for thermal expansion and contraction of pipelines.

Advantages and disadvantages of flanged telescopic butterfly valve:

Flanged telescopic butterfly valve, the structural length can be telescoped within a certain range, which not only brings convenience for valve disassembly and assembly, but also relieves pipeline stress and protects the valve. At the same time, it also condenses the installation method of butterfly valve and expander, and has more space. compact. Normally, this kind of valve does not require special maintenance. It is only necessary to regularly observe whether there is leakage and pull-off in the telescopic part.

The cost of flanged telescopic butterfly valve in the initial investment is lower than the installation method of flanged butterfly valve plus expander, but if the maintenance cost in the future is included, the maintenance cost of flanged telescopic butterfly valve is relatively high. If the sealing part of the butterfly valve is damaged and the sealing ring cannot be replaced and the butterfly valve needs to be scrapped, then the telescopic part will be scrapped together, resulting in a greater loss.

For example, when the sealing part of a butterfly valve needs maintenance, only the compression and expansion part cannot realize the valve-free online maintenance.

Precautions for installation of flanged telescopic butterfly valve:

1. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the butterfly valve of the disintegrated telescopic flange at the pipeline construction site; it is strictly forbidden to lengthen and shorten the telescopic butterfly valve repeatedly at the site.

2. The pipes at both ends of the telescopic valve must be concentric, and the two flange surfaces on the pipe must be parallel;

3. Flange fixing bolts should be tightened symmetrically. Do not forcibly tighten flange fixing bolts unilaterally;

4. The telescopic tube is installed behind the valve;

5. The expansion part of the expansion valve shall not be installed at the corner of the pipeline or at the end of the pipeline.

6. The structural length of the telescopic flange butterfly valve is the minimum length when it leaves the factory, and when installed, it is pulled to the installation length (ie the design length);

7. When the length between the pipelines exceeds the installation length of the telescopic butterfly valve, please adjust the pipeline interval and do not force the valve to be stretched to avoid damage to the valve;

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