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What determines the head price of the motorized gate valve?

Apr 03,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

The quality of the motorized head of the motorized gate valve is very important, and its price has great influence on the final quotation of the electric gate valve, which can be said to be a problem concerned by the customers when purchasing. First of all, what does the motorized head here refer to? The motorized head is a way of comparison. It can also be called the electric valve controller, and it is a product matched with the valve motorized device to control the opening and closing of the motorized valve.

The price of the motorized head is mainly determined by the following factors.

One is quality. The quality of motorized head, of course, has a great impact on prices, not just for electric heads, but for all products. The quality is better than that of inferior products.

The second is determined by different types and different materials. The motorized head can be divided into single phase valve controller and three phase valve controller. The price of the two is different, for example, the common valve electric head and the intelligent electric head must be different in price. So when choosing the motorized head, we should first know which is suitable for ourselves, and we can also listen to the experience and suggestions of manufacturers, so that we can get the cost-effective products that are suitable for economy.

For example, in the daily enquiry of the motorized valve of the Bundor valve, there are also many customers who use the price to judge the quality of the products. It is considered that the motorized gate valve as a high-precision automatic valve is only good enough. But in fact, the business personnel of the Bundor valve always consider the customer from the technical point of view, as long as they meet the technical requirements of the customer, they try to recommend the cheaper and better choice.Such as customer consider is stainless steel motorized gate valves, but if can meet according to the situation of medium carbon steel, a bundor valve business people will recommend carbon steel to customers more choice, of course, will eventually respect customer choice mainly.Many customers are satisfied with the sincerity of the valve, and we have a long - term cooperative relationship with us.Regarding the electric head price of motorized gate valve, if you have any questions or needs, please feel free to call us!

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