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Knife gate valve structure and working principle.

May 21,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

The knife gate valve is also known as knife gate valve, which is one of the gate valves.The structure characteristic of knife gate valve is, in its at the bottom of the valve plate has a oblique incision, like the blade, the knife type of oblique incision can easily cut the pipe flow medium, make the closing of the valve is not blocked by the medium, specific can see under the knife gate valve structure.

Knife gate valve is generally used in the pulp, slag, coal ash and sewage, chemical raw materials such as medium in the pipeline, and can only be fully open and close, for block valve is used, cannot be used to adjust flow use.The driving mode of knife gate valve is manual, pneumatic and electric, and its working principle is very simple.Take the manual knife gate valve as an example to introduce the working principle of knife gate valve.

The manual knife gate valve works by turning the handwheel with the hand to make the stem go up or down, so that the gate can be raised and lowered to realize the purpose of opening or closing the valve.Turn the handwheel clockwise, the gate drops and the valve closes.Turn the handwheel counterclockwise, the gate rises and the valve opens.

Compared with the traditional gate valve, the knife gate valve has a simpler structure, a smaller length, and is easier to install, disassemble and maintain. Knife gate valves are suitable for use in medium pipes with high consistency and solid particles.The gate like a knife, has a better effect of the gate breaking, can effectively break all kinds of impurities contained in the medium in the pipeline, and completely solves the leakage phenomenon of the traditional gate valve after passing through the medium containing the particulate impurities.

Knife gate valve structure is very short, taking up little space. The full diameter knife gate valve design allows the valve to be used in dirty medium conditions. Replaceable valve seats and packing also make valve maintenance easier.

Although the knife valve performance is better than the traditional gate valve, but because the price of the knife gate valve is higher than the traditional gate valve, so the knife gate valve can not completely replace the traditional gate valve.

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