Body Materials: cast iron

Transmission ratio: 24, 30, 50

Protection grade: IP65


Applicable environment: outdoor
Suitable temperature:-20-120 degrees Celsius
Application field: Municipal construction, water conservancy projects, water supply and drainage, water treatment, etc.

Product advantages:

1. The protection grade of worm gear box reaches IP65.

2. The worm gear box shall be tested on the dustproof and spray proof type regularly to ensure the reliable protective performance of the product.

3. The strength test of the worm gear box is conducted. 890N force is added to the end edge of the hand wheel.

4. Lithium base grease, water and oil resistant, aging resistant, long life (high temperature 150 degrees, low temperature -20 degrees).The worm gear head warranty is 5 years.

5. Use NBR oil seal that conforms to national standards. The oil seal hole is processed by reamer with surface roughness up to Ra1.6.

6. The worm adopts the quality control of 45 steel, with good comprehensive mechanical properties and long service life.

7. Add ball bearing to the end of worm shaft, which can greatly reduce friction.

8. The connecting pin of worm and worm shaft is hardened by steel 45, with high strength and reliable connection.

9. The upper and lower shaft section of the worm wheel has o-ring seal groove, matching box body and box cover hole. The roughness reaches Ra1.6 with reamer processing. At the same time, the box cover side of the worm wheel hole with NBR sealing gasket, further improve the dustproof, waterproof capacity.

10. NBR sealing gasket is installed between the box cover and box body, with reliable protective performance.

11. The fasteners of the box cover and box body are made of hexagonal bolts, spring washer and flat washer components, which are easy to disassemble and assemble and reliable to connect.

12. The adjustment range of worm gear is large, most products in the market are + / - 5 degrees, and the turbine head of general Germany is + / - 10 degrees. 

13. Jacking seal adopts combined gasket seal, with reliable sealing, good durability and long life.

14. Add protective cap on the outside of the top wire to increase the ability to prevent rust corrosion, and prevent the personnel of installation and maintenance from scratch.

15. The screw holes of the middle flange are in the form of blind holes to increase waterproof and dustproof performance.The arrangement of holes can meet the common connection form of countries in the world.

16. The connection between the worm wheel and the driven shaft is in the form of two shafts, but the circular keyhole connection has strong adaptability.

17. The indicator is made of stainless steel with good rigidity, which can prevent the deformation caused by collision and installation.

18. The worm gear adopts special worm gear hob machining, which is close and reliable, with wide contact surface and low friction. At the same time, the worm gear can be loaded and unloaded freely, which is convenient for installation.

19. The worm gear and worm adopt positive displacement, the tooth thickness is increased, the rigidity is good, the limit moment of transmission is big.


Transmission Ratio L1 L2 L3 L4 L5
24:1 149 146 105 70 35
30:1 206 210 153 90 41
50:1 217 215 156 92 49
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