AWWA C515/C509 Resilient Seat Gate Valve1
AWWA C515/C509 Resilient Seat Gate Valve2
AWWA C515/C509 Resilient Seat Gate Valve3
AWWA C515/C509 Resilient Seat Gate Valve4

AWWA C515/C509 Resilient Seat Gate Valve

Size Range: DN50-DN1200

Pressure: Class 150

Body Materials: DI

Seat Materials: EPDM

Disc Materials: DI+EPDM

Stem Materials: 2Cr13


Suitable Medium:Fresh water, sewage, sea water, acid, etc.

Working Temperature: -20℃~120℃

Application field:Municipal construction, water conservancy projects, oil products, water supply and drainage, water treatment.

Product Advantages

1. Level-3 spheroidization rate of valve body.Tensile strength is 450Mpa, elongation rate is higher than 10%.

2. Epoxy coating for both valve inside and outside. Over 250μm coating thickness.

3. 50% rubber content EPDM coated Dl wedge.The rubber is firmly coated with wedge, which is not easy to fall off.

4. 2Cr13 valve stem. Three O-ring sealing design. Replace the sealing ring without stopping service.

5. Brass stem nut and positioning device, switch smoother and avoids jamming during operation.



Executive Standard
Name Design and manufacture Face to face Length Pressure Test End flange  
Reference standard AWWA C515-2009 ASME B16.10 API 598 ASME B16.1  
Material of Main Parts
Name Body Seat Disc Stem Actuator
Material DI EPDM DI+EPDM 2Cr13 Handwheel
Optional DI NBR/Food Grade EPDM DI+NBR/Food Grade EPDM 45#/304/316 Gear/Motorized/Pneumatic
DN NPS(Inch) L ΦK N-Φd  
DN50 2" 178 120.7 4-Φ19  
DN65 2.5" 190 139.7 4-Φ19  
DN80 3" 203 152.4 4-Φ19  
DN100 4" 229 190.5 8-Φ19  
DN125 5" 254 215.9 8-Φ22.4  
DN150 6" 267 241.3 8-Φ22.4  
DN200 8" 292 298.4 8-Φ22.4  
DN250 10" 330 361.9 12-Φ25.4  
DN300 12" 356 431.8 12-Φ25.4  
DN350 14" 381 476.2 12-Φ28.4  
DN400 16" 406 539.7 16-Φ28.4  
DN450 18" 432 577.8 16-Φ31.8  
DN500 20" 457 635.0  20-Φ31.8  
DN600 24" 508 749.3 20-Φ35.1  
DN700 28" 610 863.6 28-Φ35.1  
DN800 32" 711 977.9 28-Φ41.1  
DN900 36" 711 1085.8 32-Φ41.1  
DN1000 40" 813 1200.2 38-Φ41.1  
DN1200 48" 864 1422.4 44-Φ41.1  


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