Flanged Knife Gate Valve1
Flanged Knife Gate Valve2
Flanged Knife Gate Valve3
Flanged Knife Gate Valve4

Flanged Knife Gate Valve

Size Range: DN50-DN300

Pressure: PN10/16/150LB

Body Materials: WCB

Seat Materials: EPDM

Disc Materials: 304/316

Stem Materials: 2Cr13


Knife gate valve is also known as knife gate valve, slurry valve, mud valve. Its opening and closing parts are gate. The movement direction of gate is perpendicular to the direction of the fluid. Depending on cutting fiber material blade shaped gate to cut off the medium. The gate board rises and falls in the side guide groove and is pressed on the seat by the bottom lug. If high medium sealing is needed, o-type sealing seat can be selected to achieve two-way sealing. Knife gate valves have small installation space, low working pressure, long service life, simple maintenance.

Suitable Medium:Fresh water, sewage, sea water, acid, etc.

Working Temperature: -20℃~120℃

Application field:Municipal construction, water conservancy projects, oil products, water supply and drainage, water treatment.

Product Advantages

1. Precision casting valve body, fine appearance, no sand hole, traceable with Heat number.

2. Valve wedge is burnished smoothly 3 times and polished 5 times to ensure the sealing porformance.

3. Valve stem is equipped with bearing to reduce friction, increased service life.

4. Add steel wire to seat ring to ensure the strong conbation between valve seat and body.

5. 250 μm epoxy coating, it can effectively prevent corrosion and rust. 

6. Each valve will be made pressure test before leaving factory.


Name 1-Body 2-Seat 3-Wedge 4-Stem 5-Handwheel
Material WCB/304/316 EPDM 304/316 2Cr13 DI
Size   PN10 PN16 150LB
DN NPS(Inch) L D1 N-M Z-φC D1 N-M Z-φC D1 N-M Z-φC
50  2'' 50 125 2-M16 2-φ18 125 2-M16 2-φ18 120.7 2-M16 2-19
65  2  1/2'' 50 145 2-M16 2-φ18 145 2-M16 2-φ18 139.7 2-M16 2-19
80  3'' 50 160 2-M16 6-φ18 160 2-M16 6-φ18 152.4 2-M16 2-19
100  4'' 52 180 2-M16 6-φ18 180 2-M16 6-φ18 190.5 2-M16 6-19
125  5'' 56 210 2-M16 6-φ18 210 2-M16 6-φ18 215.9 2-M20 6-22
150  6'' 56 240 2-M20 6-φ22 240 2-M20 6-φ22 241.3 2-M20 6-22
200  8'' 60 295 2-M20 6-φ22 295 4-M20 8-φ22 298.4 2-M20 6-22
250  10'' 78 350 4-M20 8-φ22 355 4-M24 8-φ26 361.9 4-M22 8-25
300  12'' 78 400 4-M20 8-φ22 410 4-M24 8-φ26 431.8 4-M22 8-25
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