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Butterfly check valve structure

May 31,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

The butterfly check valve is very simple and its structure is very short compared to other check valves. The butterfly check valve is also called butterfly check valve. The connection method is a pinch type. The valve plate is two semi-circular discs. The two discs are connected by a valve stem and are forced to reset with a spring.

The operating principle of butterfly check valve is: when the medium flows through the valve body channel, the medium pressure is greater than the force of the spring.When the medium stops flowing, the two butterfly plates are forced by the spring to reset and the valve closes, preventing the medium from backflow.

The butterfly check valve is also called the double-clip check valve for the clip. The sealing surface of the butterfly check valve can be body-welded wear-resistant material or lining rubber. The use range is wide and the seal is reliable. Butterfly check valves are automatic valves that do not require manual operation. This kind of valve is usually used in pure pipelines, in addition to industrial, environmental protection, water treatment, high-rise buildings in the field of water supply and drainage pipelines, to prevent the back flow of the media. 

Butterfly check valve structure features:

1, compared with other types of check valve, butterfly check valve structure of the length of side, under the same caliber, butterfly check the structure of the length is only about a quarter of the flange check valves, more suitable for use in the lines are of limited space.

2. Compared with other check valves, it is smaller in size and lighter in weight, so it is more convenient to install and disassemble in the pipeline for maintenance.

3. Fast closing speed of two valve plates and low pressure of water hammer;Short opening and closing stroke, less impact on the valve plate.

4. It can be installed in both horizontal pipe and vertical pipe.

5. Generally, the flow passage has low fluid resistance, sensitive valve plate opening and closing, and good sealing.

6. Butterfly check valve has simple and compact structure, beautiful shape and USES special technology to cast spray paint. It has a longer life and better stability.

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