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Pneumatic flanged butterfly valve

Jun 07,2018 Posted by Bundor

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The pneumatic flanged butterfly valve is composed of flanged butterfly valve and pneumatic actuator.A pneumatic wafer butterfly valve of another type of connection is corresponding to it.The main difference between the two is the difference in structure and connection mode, and the working principle is the same.Pneumatic flanged butterfly valves have the advantages of convenient opening and closing, flexible use, superior performance and reliability.Like other types of butterfly valves, pneumatic flanged butterfly valves have both soft and hard metal seals.Pneumatic soft-sealing flanged butterfly valves have good sealing performance and are mainly used in normal temperature and pressure environment.Pneumatic hard sealing flanged butterfly valves have good resistance to high temperature and high pressure, wear resistance, longer service life.

The drawing of pneumatic flange butterfly valve is shown in the figure above. To understand the corresponding parameters in the drawing, click "flange pneumatic soft-seal butterfly valve" to check.Pneumatic flanged butterfly valve

Drive device for pneumatic actuators, this kind of drive mode is automatic, no longer need to human in the first line, the valve control more accurate and stable, greatly reducing the unnecessary human error.

Pneumatic flange butterfly valve principle:

Pneumatic flange butterfly valve opening and closing of the parts is a disc of the butterfly plate, the general process of valve operation is: in the pneumatic actuator cylinder, a certain amount of air inhaled then to compress air, resulting in a mechanical power to drive the stem within the actuator is a certain amount of air inhaled, and then to compress air, produce certain mechanical power to drive the valve rod rotation control butterfly plate, so as to realize the opening and closing of the valve.

Butterfly plate rotation Angle between 0-90 °, when the butterfly plate in 0 ° Angle, the valve is closed, piping within the medium circulation be truncated.When the butterfly plate is at 90 ° Angle when the valve is fully open, the medium flow at this time the pipe is connected, the valves channel and the maximum flow area, only the butterfly plate thickness is medium circulation resistance, flow resistance coefficient is relatively small.When the butterfly plate in the 0-90 ° (does not contain 0 and 90), when the valve is in a state of half-open or close, then the valve can be adjusted by the medium of the pipe flow.Pneumatic flanged butterfly valve structure is simple, installation and disassembly are very convenient.The pneumatic flanged butterfly valve is not suitable for use in small diameter pipeline due to the limitation of structural features.

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