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Principle of motorized butterfly valve

Jun 07,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

With the rapid development of China's industrial manufacturing industry, the demand for valves has become more and more extensive, and the functional requirements for valves have become higher and higher. In some cases, manual valves can no longer meet the requirements of operating conditions. More and more valves are needed. In automated electric valves, the demand for electric butterfly valves has soared. This article will take everyone to understand the principle of electric butterfly valve, electric butterfly valve picture.

Motorized butterfly valve principle

Motorized butterfly valve is an automatic regulating valve and it is used in automatic control system.

​The control principle of the motorized butterfly valve is to control and dominate the opening and closing of the valve according to the power signal. The working power usually has: AC220V, AC380V, DC24V, and the input signal has a weak signal of 4~20mA 0~10v.

The motorized butterfly valve is a kind of multi-functional valve. It also has the function of check valve, control valve and shut-off valve, so it is very versatile. Usually, the electric butterfly valve is also equipped with a manual control device. The function is to prevent the butterfly valve from being able to operate manually through the manual device to ensure the normal operation of the pipeline system when the power signal is abnormal or power failure. 

Motorized butterfly valves are used in many fields, such as the production pipelines of petroleum, chemical and other industries.

The working principle of the electric butterfly valve: through power supply, the motorized device drives the valve rod to move, and the valve rod drives the connected butterfly plate to generate 90° rotation to realize the opening and closing of the valve, thereby realizing the regulation of the flowing medium in the pipeline and control.

When the power is turned on, the input voltage is 220V, the power supply can adjust the switch quantity by itself, there is a built-in servo module, the input control signal and the unidirectional power supply can control the operation of the whole system. It can also receive 4~20mA or other signals from the industrial automation control system to accurately control the valve opening so as to achieve the adjustment and control of flow, temperature, pressure and other different process parameters. According to the different connection methods, motorized butterfly valves can be divided into electric wafer type butterfly valves and electric flanged butterfly valves; according to the different sealing materials, motorized butterfly valves can be divided into soft sealed electric butterfly valves and hard-sealed electric butterfly valves. The soft sealed motorized butterfly valves are applicable. In the normal temperature and pressure environment, hard-sealed motorized butterfly valve is suitable for high temperature and high pressure environment. According to the control form, the electric butterfly valve can also be divided into switch type and adjustment type. The switch type electric butterfly valve is only responsible for opening and closing in the pipeline. 

Adjustable motorized butterfly valve can be used to adjust the medium flow in the pipe, and can accurately adjust the flow to thousands of degrees.

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