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How to set price of pneumatic butterfly valve?

Jun 08,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

What is the price of pneumatic butterfly valve manufacturers? This should be the most concerned issue for each pneumatic butterfly valve purchaser, not one of them. Recently, many customers have asked this question. How do pneumatic butterfly valve manufacturers set prices? 

​Why do different manufacturers report different prices? Even the price quoted by the same manufacturer has a large gap. What are the reasons?

As a buyer, we are most concerned about the cost, so the most concerned about the price of pneumatic butterfly valve, which is understandable. But often encounter such a situation, when the customer comes to inquire, the parameter that can offer is very limited, and can say you report to your factory price directly to me on it. Here I want to say to these customers that we can provide you with the most accurate quotation only if you give enough parameter information. For example, the price gap between different material valves is very large, and the stainless steel material is much more expensive than the cast iron pneumatic butterfly valve manufacturers.

The factors affecting the price of the pneumatic butterfly valve The parameter information of the main valve and the parameter information of the pneumatic butterfly valve are specifically divided into two parts. The first is the parameter of each part of the butterfly valve body, and the second is the parameter of the pneumatic device.

The parameters of the main parts of the butterfly valve include the connection method of the valve, the working medium, the working temperature, the material of the valve body and the like.

Pneumatic device parameters include the pressure of the gas source, the ambient temperature, and a series of attachment configurations such as the valve positioner.

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