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Knife gate valve application and characteristics

Jun 08,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

Knife gate valves are often used to connect or cut cement slurries, pulp, wood pulp, slag, coal slag, coal slime, tailings, dust, fibers, chemicals, sewage, sedimentation tanks, asphalt, silo outlets, fruits in pipelines. , cereals, slaughterhouse wastewater and other media. It is especially suitable for the coal preparation, slag discharge, urban sewage treatment, food, papermaking, medicine, petroleum, chemical and other oil products, water and steam pipelines of mine power plants.

The lifting ram cover can scrape off the adhesive on the sealing surface and automatically remove the debris, especially the debris with long fiber.

Stainless steel gates prevent leaks caused by corrosion,fine grinding and polishing treatment can achieve better sealing effect.The bottom end of the tool plate is machined into blade shape, which can cut off the soft materials such as fiber, paper pulp and wood pulp.The upper end of the tool plate is equipped with a rigid ptfe mud scraper, which can prevent abrasion materials such as dust and gravel from entering the stuffing box, and can significantly improve the service life of the tool plate.

The stainless steel valve body is durable. The valve body rib design improves the strength of the valve body. The double-headed screw can be opened and closed more quickly.

The overall stainless steel material prevents corrosion damage. The valve body and the filler culvert are all precision casting. The valve body adopts flange-type integral casting. The material can be 304, 316, 316L, WCB, 2Crl3 according to the user's needs. The sealing ring is made of PTFE-reinforced Teflon, corrosion-resistant, Wear-resistant, no slag.

The full circular DC channel design has no slag or jamming.

The scientific design of the sealed stuffing box makes the seal safe, effective and durable.

Short structure length can save raw materials, installation space, and effectively support pipeline strength.

The triangular bracket saves raw materials and ensures the required mechanical properties.

The guide block on the body of the knife gate valve causes the gate to move correctly. The squeezing block ensures effective sealing of the ram.

Knife gate valve can also choose any drive mechanism. Compact design, small footprint, light weight, cheap, easy to install, wear-resistant anti-blocking measures, easy maintenance, easy to use and long life, and can choose any drive device. The valve plate has 5 supporting points, so that the valve plate has a good self-centering.

When the valve is closed and subjected to back pressure, the valve plate does not deflect.

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