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Motorized butterfly valve model composition

Jun 13,2018 Posted by Bundor

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Motorized butterfly valve model composition

Valve type (Butterfly valve) → Drive method → Connection form → Structure type → Sealing surface material or lining material → Nominal pressure → Valve body material

Motorized butterfly valve model representation

Valve type: butterfly valve code D;

Drive mode: electric code 9;

Connection form: The clip type code is 7 and the flange type code is 4;

Structure: The midline type code is 1, the double eccentric code is 2, and the three eccentric code is 3;

Sealing surface material: rubber seal code X, PTFE code F, alloy steel code H, cemented carbide code Y;

Nominal pressure: The units representing the nominal pressure of the valve are Mpa (Megapascal), kg (Kilograms), and LB (LB).


Body material: gray cast iron code Z, nodular cast iron code Q, carbon steel code C, stainless steel code P, chromium nickel and molybdenum stainless steel code R;

​Motorized butterfly valve model example

D941X-16Q indicates that the driving method is electric midline flange type soft seal butterfly valve, nominal pressure 1.6MPa (that is, 16 kg), valve body material is ductile iron, sealing surface rubber seal.

Motorized Butterfly Model Meaning Remarks

1. Add a D in front of the butterfly valve model to represent the low temperature butterfly valve (≤ -40°C), B for the thermal butterfly valve, S for the retractable butterfly valve, and TL for the desulfurization butterfly valve;

2. When the drive mode is the handle, the code can be omitted;

3. When the sealing surface material code is W, it means that the valve seat material is the same as the valve body material.

4. The gray cast iron butterfly valve with nominal pressure ≤ 1.6 MPa and the carbon steel butterfly valve with nominal pressure ≥ 2.5 MPa can be omitted from the model number.

Motorized butterfly valve features

1. The opening and closing of the electric butterfly valve is flexible and rapid, and the fluid resistance is small, which is suitable for the pipeline that needs frequent opening and closing.

2. The structure of the electric butterfly valve is simple, compared with other types of valves, the volume is smaller, the weight is lighter, and it is more convenient to install and maintain.

3, Motorized butterfly valve is usually installed in high altitude or other occasions where there is a certain risk of human operation, automatic control system, and has a good regulation of flow characteristics.

4, Motorized butterfly valve in a low pressure environment, to achieve a good seal. And the valve can carry mud, and there is less liquid in the pipe mouth.

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