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Introduction of Motorized butterfly valve

Jun 12,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

Motorized butterfly valve can be divided into switch type and adjustment type according to different control forms. The electric adjustment butterfly valve to be introduced in this article is an electric butterfly valve whose control form is an adjustment type. Electric adjustment butterfly valve is mainly used to install in the production line, do regulate the use of media flow in the pipeline, it is also a kind of regulating valve, it can accurately adjust the flow to thousands of degrees.

There are two types of Motorized butterfly valves, namely the wafer type and flange type. It belongs to the automation valve and is a very important execution unit in the field of industrial automation control. There are three kinds of AC220V, AC380V, and DC24V power supply, and input weak signals such as 4~20mA 0~10v.

Working principle

The motorized butterfly valve is usually composed of a quarter-turn electric actuator (0~90° partial rotation) and the butterfly valve as a whole through a mechanical connection, after the installation and debugging. With AC220V, AC380V, DC24V and other power sources as power sources, industrial automation control system default parameter values of 4~20mA and 0~10v weak current control signals can be used to control the opening of the butterfly board very accurately so as to achieve the installation of The purpose of regulating and controlling a series of parameters such as flow, temperature and pressure of the medium in the production pipeline.


The motorized regulating butterfly valve is used as an automatic regulating valve and is mainly used in an industrial automated production line to regulate and control the flow, temperature and pressure of the medium in the pipeline. Its main application areas are water conservancy, power, petroleum, chemical, smelting, fire protection, environmental protection, and energy.

Maintenance and maintenance

Electric regulating butterfly valve is an automatic valve. It does not require people to visit the site during operation, and the valve can work automatically. This requires the user to regularly maintain and maintain the valve. The electric actuator and the butterfly valve itself are regularly inspected and the fault is resolved and cleared in time. In addition, it should be noted that because the electric actuator of the electric butterfly valve is a precision instrument, if it is found that the electric actuator has malfunctioned, the power supply should be cut off immediately, the valve should be stopped, professional technicians should be found for maintenance, and the electric head must not be disassembled without permission. Not even violently beat the valve.

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