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Pneumatic flanged butterfly valves manufacturer recommended

Jun 15,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

Pneumatic flanged butterfly valves are equipped with pneumatic actuators on flanged butterfly valves. Its working principle is to absorb dry and lubricated air by means of positioners, solenoid valves, etc. on the pneumatic actuators, and to transfer the absorbed air into the cylinder body of the pneumatic actuator to become the air source for the pneumatic device work. The air source is introduced into the air chamber. At this time, the air pressure acts on the piston to generate thrust, which drives the output shaft to rotate. The rotation of the output shaft drives the valve stem and the butterfly plate of the butterfly valve to rotate, and the pneumatic flange butterfly valve is opened and closed.

Pneumatic valves such as pneumatic flanged butterfly valves,belong to the automatic valves and are usually used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, water conservancy, and other industries. They are installed on pipelines that are not suitable for manual operation and management. Therefore, for the purchaser, when they purchase the pneumatic flanged butterfly valve, the most important should also be the quality and durability of the valve. 

Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable manufacturer of pneumatic flanged butterfly valves. For you, we recommend the pneumatic flanged butterfly valve produced by the valve manufacturer, which has the following advantages:

Valve seat advantage

1. The valve body is a solid body, and the ductile cast iron QT450-10 is used as the valve body material. The rate of spheroidizing rate reaches grade 3 or higher, the mechanical properties are high, the body's tensile strength reaches 450Mpa, and it has certain ductility, so it is not easy to be Cracked, broken, or cracked.

2. The valve seat of the soft-seal pneumatic flanged butterfly valve adopts the rubber or fluorine plastic material that meets the standard, possesses strong resilience and very stable pulling force, and has better sealing performance. The opening and closing of the valve is more than 10,000 times. And no leaks.

3. Spray paint on the surface of the valve body using electrostatic powder thermal spray spraying process, spraying thickness up to 250μm, valve body heated at 200°C for 3 hours, powder solidified at 180°C for 2 hours, after natural cooling, the adhesion of the paint body on the valve body surface is higher than ordinary powder. 2 times, more environmentally friendly, and more able to adapt to different climatic conditions, can ensure that the valve body does not change color within 3 years.
Pneumatic device advantages:

1. Pneumatic actuator adopts double-piston rack structure, meshing is very accurate, constant output torque, high efficiency.

2. Extruded aluminum alloy cylinder block, hard anodized, hard texture, high strength and high hardness. The use of low-friction materials made of sliding bearings, to avoid direct contact between the metal, low friction coefficient, flexible rotation, long service life.

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