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Butterfly valves in industrial production pipelines

Jun 15,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

The butterfly valve is one of the most used valves in both industrial production pipelines and our daily water supply and drainage pipelines.

Regarding the definition of a butterfly valve, a butterfly valve is also often referred to as a flap valve and is named after its shape and movement. The butterfly valve is a valve with a very simple structure, only the valve body, valve seat, valve shaft, butterfly plate plus drive device. It is composed of several simple components. It can be used like a gate valve to cut off flow and it can be cut off. The valve controls the size of the flow as it does.

​The butterfly valve's drive device has a handle, a turbine head, a power head, pneumatic, and different driving devices for different working conditions. Its working principle is that by operating these driving devices, the valve shaft is driven to move. At the same time, the valve shaft drives the butterfly plate to rotate around itself, and the butterfly valve can be opened and closed to complete the cutting of the circulating medium in the pipeline. Switch on. In addition, when the opening angle of the butterfly plate is between 15° and 70°, the butterfly valve has very sensitive flow control characteristics, which can control and regulate the size of the media flow in the pipeline.

The butterfly valve can be divided into wafer-type butterfly valve, flange-type butterfly valve and welded butterfly valve according to the difference of the connection mode. The wafer type butterfly valve needs to be equipped with a butterfly valve special flange for installation on the pipeline, and then the bolt valve is used to connect the butterfly valve with the pipeline. The flanged butterfly valve comes with two flanges. It is relatively simple to install in the pipeline. Simply use the bolts to connect the flanges on the two ends of the valve with the flanges at both ends of the pipe. Welded butterfly valves are installed on pipelines and they are directly welded on the pipeline. This connection is not good because it cannot be removed after installation.

The butterfly valve can be divided into elastic soft seal butterfly valve and metal hard seal butterfly valve according to the difference of sealing secondary materials. The flexible soft seal butterfly valve is of the midline type, and the seal material is usually rubber or fluorine plastic. Metal seal butterfly valve structure is eccentric, and its sealing material is usually metal to metal, metal to fluorine plastic or multi-layer composite board. Soft seal butterfly valve has the advantage of good sealing performance, the disadvantage is that the 

sealing material is limited by temperature, not applicable to high temperature environment. Metal seal butterfly valve has the advantage of high temperature and high pressure, the disadvantage is that it is difficult to completely sealed, there is a certain amount of leakage, not applicable to the sealing performance requirements of the occasion.

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