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How much is a pneumatic butterfly valve?

Jun 28,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

How much is a pneumatic butterfly valve? Pneumatic butterfly valves have been applied more and more to our industrial production. There are also more and more buyers of pneumatic butterfly valves. However, many buyers in the inquiry, the most of these customers to ask a word, but also straight to the point of asking the sentence is "how much your xx caliber pneumatic butterfly valve."

​These customers are often the most important thing is the price, want to reduce costs as much as possible, but I ignore the choice of this pneumatic butterfly valve in the end is not suitable for their own working conditions, the main cheap point can be. In fact, this approach is wrong. As a purchaser, it is understandable to pursue cost minimization, but buying valves is not as simple as buying food. It is most important to buy valves that are suitable for working conditions.Especially such as pneumatic butterfly valve, valve automation, are usually used in some high risk or inappropriate human operation of industrial environment, in such an environment, if the pursuit of pneumatic butterfly valve at a low price, easy because buy inferior products and cause accidents.

Therefore, for the question “how much is a pneumatic butterfly valve” asked by the customer, we usually ask the customer about the specific parameters of the pneumatic butterfly valve to be used and the working environment environment to be used. According to the corresponding information provided by the customer, we can make a quotation for the customer. For these, some customers will be in trouble, saying that I only need you to quote me about the price, but this is a valve, after all, is not something else, for example, the difference is only the material of the valve, the price will have a big gap Depending on what kind of valve you use, it depends on the environment in which you need the valve.

Therefore, in order to know the price of pneumatic butterfly valve, Bundor recommends buyers to inform our business manager as much as possible the relevant parameters, operating conditions and media information of the required valve.We will try our best to give you the most satisfactory quotation.

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