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What is the price of the butterfly valve?

Jul 05,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

What is the price of the butterfly valve? The butterfly valve is a valve product with simple structure, convenient use and wide range of use. The demand for butterfly valves in the market is very large. On the one hand, because of the characteristics of the butterfly valve itself, it can be used as a shut-off valve or as a control valve to regulate the flow rate; on the other hand, because of the variety of butterfly valves, The butterfly valve can adapt to different media and different working conditions. The price of different types of butterfly valves is also different. So, go back to our title and want to know the price of the butterfly valve. The demand first understands the price factors that affect the butterfly valve.

Connection Type

Butterfly valves are available in two most common form of connection, flanged and wafer mounted. Under the same parameters and the same size, the price of the flanged butterfly valve will be higher than that of the wafer type butterfly valve.

Drive form

Common driving forms are handles, turbines, pneumatics, electrics, and so on. Among the butterfly valve products of these driving forms, according to the cost calculation, the price of the handle butterfly valve is low, and the price of the turbo butterfly valve is higher than that of the handle butterfly valve, but it is not as expensive as the butterfly valve with the pneumatic and electric devices installed. Pneumatic butterfly valves and electric butterfly valves are relatively the highest price.

Body material

The valve body material is also one of the factors affecting the price of the butterfly valve. The common materials of the butterfly valve are gray cast iron, ductile iron, carbon steel, stainless steel and the like. The price of several materials, Xiao Bian also introduced in the previous article, the gray cast iron butterfly valve is the most conventional, but also relatively cheap, in general, gray cast iron butterfly valve price <nodular cast iron < carbon steel <Stainless steel.

Sealed form

The sealing surface of the butterfly valve can be made either as a soft seal or as a hard seal. However, the processing cost of hard-seal butterfly valves is usually higher than that of soft-sealed butterfly valves, so the price of hard-sealed butterfly valves is higher than that of soft-sealed butterfly valves.

Of course, in addition to the above three factors, the factors affecting the price of the butterfly valve include the operating temperature of the installed pipeline, working pressure and so on. Of course, every influencing factor will not exist alone. A complete butterfly valve, its price is affected by many factors. Therefore, Xiaobian here reminds the purchaser that when making the butterfly valve inquiry, it is necessary to inform the manufacturer of the demand and the parameters of the butterfly valve required, so that the purchased butterfly valve product is a high quality and safe valve.

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