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Bundor Butterfly Valves – Tougher Than They Sound!

Jul 12,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

There’s a reason why butterfly valves are one of the most commonly used valves in the marine and industrial market. Contrary to the name, butterfly valves are incredibly durable and reliable, even in heavy duty applications. And on top of this, they require little maintenance. Confidence rarely flutters when it comes to the performance power of these quarter-turn valves.

The name “butterfly valve” comes from the product’s light, flat design that features a metal disc mounted to a center rod. Because they do not weigh as much as other valves, butterfly valves do not require large supporting structures like some other valves. Next to its convenient weight and size, the biggest advantage of butterfly valves is their flexibility.

The design of the butterfly valve gives you the ability to adjust and regulate the flow of liquids through different disc rotations on a notch positioning plate. Located on the exterior of the valve and connected to the metal disk, the actuator can be turned to incrementally regulate the flow of liquids. This flexibility allows butterfly valves to cater to a wide range of flow control applications.

When the resilient seat of the valve is mounted in its body a seal is formed by the stem, which runs through the seat. Additional protection is provided by the packing around the stem. 

Unlike ball valves, the disc of butterfly valves will always be in contact with the fluid; the only downside is that butterfly valves can be less effective when thicker fluids are involved compared to the full bore of a ball valve.

Known for their industrial butterfly valves and actuators, Bundor is one of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry due to their high quality standards. Bundor butterfly valves are produced with fixed vulcanized rubber liners that further prevent corrosion and keep valves running smoothly even under high velocities and pressure. Whether you’re looking for shut-off, control, or non-return valves, Bundor has an extensive selection of manual controls, actuators, and accessories to meet your industrial flow control needs.

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