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Trend of water supply and drainage valve industry

Sep 28,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

With the continuous improvement of China's urbanization level, the requirements on municipal water supply and drainage system are higher and higher, which also speeds up the construction and transformation of urban water supply and drainage system, thus promoting the development of water supply and drainage valve market.

The demand for large caliber valves will increase: With the increasing investment of the government in the infrastructure construction of the water conservancy industry and the increasing investment in the construction of hydropower stations and water conservancy projects, the demand for drainage valves is also increasing. Among them, large diameter water supply and drainage valve is in great demand, so large diameter valve will be a key development direction of water supply and drainage valve industry.

Valve suppliers continue to improve their solutions: Two important applications of water supply and drainage valves are long-distance water transfer project and municipal water supply project.This requires the valve supplier to have complete piping system solutions and a variety of product categories.

The localization level of high performance valve is improved continuously: With the improvement of technical level of China's valve industry, our domestic valves are also gradually developing towards high technical content, high quality and longer service life.
The demand for environmentally friendly valves is increasing: The application of water supply and drainage valves focuses on the construction of pipeline systems for domestic and industrial water use by urban residents. The quality, performance and environmental protection ability of water supply and drainage valves are directly related to the quality of drinking water.

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