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Learn about Bundor wafer butterfly valve

Sep 30,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

The wafer butterfly valve is one of the most demanded valves in the market and one of the most purchased valves by buyers.

The wafer butterfly valve and the flange butterfly valve are the two most common connection ways of the butterfly valve. The advantage of the wafer butterfly valve lies in its small overall structure, which is suitable for installation in places with small distance between the two ends of the pipe. In addition, the structure of the wafer butterfly valve is also very simple, which is very convenient for the maintenance and maintenance of the valve after installation. According to the seal form, the wafer butterfly valve can be divided into hard seal and soft seal.

The characteristics of the wafer butterfly valve:

1.Can be made into a soft sealing wafer butterfly valve, to maintain good sealing performance. Also can be made into a hard sealing wafer butterfly valve, high temperature and pressure resistance to erosion, longer service life.

2.The rubber sealing ring of the valve can be installed in the valve body passage or on the disc, and different media and working conditions can be tested according to different sealing forms.

3.The disc uses a frame structure, which increases strength and hardness and makes it stronger. The streamline design of the disc increases the flow area of the medium in the valve body and reduces the flow resistance.

4.The body is usually painted as a whole to prevent oxidation and rust.

5.The structure of the wafer butterfly valve is usually relatively small, operating torque is small, operating more efficient.

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