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Soft sealing butterfly valve for circulating water pipeline

Oct 22,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

Soft seal butterfly valve seal material has rubber and fluorine plastic two options. If the water quality is not corrosive, choose a rubber sealed butterfly valve. If the water is corrosive, choose a fluorine-plastic sealed butterfly valve. The difference is that the latter is much more expensive and has a longer life.

Therefore, if the medium is not highly corrosive, you can choose the rubber sealed butterfly valve, so as not to increase the cost. When the pressure of medium is over 16 kg, it is not recommended to choose the butterfly valve sealed with fluorine plastic, so as to avoid more trouble in the strength test. Electric hard seal butterfly valve can be selected for large diameter pump outlet.

The soft sealing butterfly valve can be connected with flange connection and wafer connection. Generally, it is recommended to select flange butterfly valve. Convenient for the maintenance and flushing of equipment in the later stage, the repair and flushing of the clamping butterfly valve in the circulating water pipeline is more troublesome than that of the flanged butterfly valve.

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