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A few tips for buying valves

Oct 31,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

First determine the physical properties of the fluid in the pipeline, whether it is liquid, gas or solid; Whether the chemical properties are neutral or corrosive; The fluid in the pipe is in a high pressure or vacuum state. Determine whether the valve function is simply open and close or requires precise control of flow, or requires diversion, etc.

From a functional point of view, the globe valve is used to control the flow of the pipeline; Butterfly valve, ball valve because the flow is straight through, low flow resistance, open and close quickly, suitable for open and close pipelines; Also used as flow control; Gate valves are not suitable for flow control.

By the nature of the fluid medium, each valve has a suitable or unsuitable object. Gate valve can be used for high temperature and high pressure, low temperature and low pressure, but not suitable for conveying medium with suspended particles such as mud. Butterfly valves are simple in structure and quick in opening and closing. They are suitable for a variety of media, including medium and powder states with suspended particles. However, they are not suitable for high-temperature, high-pressure and airtight conditions. Ball valves can be used for corrosive and cryogenic media, but are not suitable for high temperatures due to sealing materials.Globe valve has high temperature resistance, steam valve is multi-purpose globe valve. More sanitary requirements of the medium multi-purpose butterfly valve and diaphragm valve.

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