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The function of check valve

Dec 26,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

Check valve is an automatic valve, depending on the flow of the pressure of the medium itself to achieve the opening and closing of the valve plate. Check valve is mainly used in the way of medium backflow, backflow, so it is also called reverse check valve, one-way valve, etc. Check valve belongs to a kind of automatic valve, its function is to prevent medium backflow, prevent pump and drive motor from reversing, and container medium leakage.

Check valves are mainly used in the water supply system of pumps to prevent the impact of high-pressure water backflow on the impeller of pumps. When the water pump in the water supply system suddenly stops running, the pressure in the pump immediately disappears, and the high-pressure water connected to the pump outlet will flow back to the pump. The check valve installed at the outlet of the pump will be closed immediately after the medium pressure, so as to prevent the reverse flow of high-pressure water back to the pump.

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