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The electric butterfly valve leakage problem solution

Dec 26,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

Electric butterfly valve in the process of use, often due to leakage problems caused by damage to the service environment, so the prevention of leakage is an important problem electric butterfly valve needs to solve.

1. Add sealing grease method
For valves that do not use seal grease, consider adding seal grease to improve stem seal performance.

2. Add filler method
In order to improve the sealing performance of packing to stem, the method of adding packing can be adopted. Usually, it is in the form of double-layer and multi-layer mixed fillers.

3. Replace graphite packing method
Extensive use of ptfe packing, because of its work in - 20 ~ + 200 ℃ temperature range, when the temperature, lower limit, change is bigger, its sealing is markedly reduced, aging fast, short service life.Flexible graphite packing can overcome these shortcomings and long service life.

4.Lens gasket sealing method is adopted
For the sealing of the upper and lower cover, the seat and the upper and lower valve body should be sealed. If it is a plane seal, the sealing property is poor under high temperature and pressure, causing leakage, lens gasket can be used to seal, and satisfactory results can be obtained.

5.Replace the seal gasket
Up to now, most gaskets are still made of asbestos, under high temperature, poor sealing performance, short life, causing leakage. Encounter this kind of circumstance, can use twine gasket instead, "O" form annulus to wait, a lot of factories have been used now. 

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