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Daily maintenance of pneumatic valve

Jan 16,2019 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

Pneumatic valve is a kind of compressed air to operate the valve opening and closing device, only need air source can work, and the switch speed is very fast, to a large extent saves human resources and time.

1. Before using the pneumatic valve, iron filings and other sundries inside the valve body should be cleaned with clean water;

2. The flange bolts and nuts on the pneumatic valve should be tightened to prevent problems of flange butt joint caused by uneven force;

3. The sealing material of the valve must be cleaned regularly to prevent leakage and wear;

4. In the closed case, there will be residual media in the valve body of the pneumatic valve, the power supply and air source must be cut off to ensure that the pressure is completely released before cleaning;

5. Repeatedly open and close the pneumatic pipeline valve to ensure that the valve can work normally, and check all details of the valve again to ensure that the valve is intact;

6. Ensure that the pneumatic valve installation position of the pipeline in the coaxial position, the two flanges of the pipeline must be kept parallel.

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