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What are the main uses of valves?

Jan 18,2019 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

Valves are used in oil, natural gas, coal, metallurgy and ore extraction, enhanced processing and pipeline delivery systems; In petrochemical, chemical products, pharmaceuticals and video production systems; In the power production system of hydropower stations, thermal power stations and nuclear power stations;In the urban water supply and drainage heating and gas supply system; In metallurgical production systems;In the fluid systems of ships, vehicles, aircraft, spaceflight and various moving machinery;In the field of defense production and new technologies; In agricultural irrigation systems are in need of a large number of new valve varieties.

Now there are more and more kinds of valves in the market, and the valve structure and material are also different. The selection of valve type is crucial for the long-term operation of the device in the working condition.

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