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Electric butterfly valve configuration selection

Mar 21,2019 Posted by Bundor

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Electric butterfly valve configuration selection

The electric butterfly valve is an automatic valve that can be controlled remotely and is often used in some labor conditions that cannot be operated manually or at a certain risk. The configuration of electric butterfly valve is various. According to different working conditions,we should use different materials and different structures. This article introduces the importance of electric butterfly valve configuration selection through several questions and answers.

electric butterfly valve

Question: This is the cast steel flange electric butterfly valve which the diameter is DN400. The through medium is about 160 degree of the flue gas.The required pressure is 10kg. Can you recommend the product configuration?
The requirement of the electric head is that it can be opened and closed in time with a delay of 1-10min.Can it be done?
Bundor: Common triple eccentric hard seal butterfly valve is suitable.Its body is WCB and stem is 2CR13.The valve is generally short-time working system, no more than 10 minutes. It can meet the requirements.

Question: DN1800 electric flanged butterfly valve (flanges shall conform to German standard) passes through seawater.Its voltage is 460VAC.The pressure is PN10.Can you recommend a suitable body, disc and seat configuration?
Bundor: Recommended valves are medium line, ductile iron body, ductile iron disc, plastic-sprayed (the thickness reaches the standard thickness through sea water), rubber soft seal valves.

Question: Customer request 380V, input and output 4-20ma electric butterfly valve.In this case, do we choose a regulated or an intelligent model?What's the difference?
Bundor:In this case, the 4-20ma signal can be used.We usually default to the modulator, but the switch also works.The difference between intelligent and non-intelligent is that there is no phase sequence recognition and no phase protection function.The intelligent ones do.

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