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Can waste water treatment be suitable for a butterfly valve?

Mar 22,2019 Posted by Bundor

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Can waste water treatment be suitable for a butterfly valve?

Question: Which kind of material is suitable for the butterfly valve used in waste water treatment?

Answer: First of all, we must determine what substances are contained in the waste water. If there is a strong corrosion of acid or alkali or if there are small particles of impurities, we can use full PTFE valve (the valve body material is based on the medium pressure, ductile iron or cast steel). The valve which the flow of medium contains inorganic weak acid and alkali can use EPDM seat and the double-phase steel/aluminum bronze disc.According to the medium pressure, cast iron ductile iron can be selected for the valve body below PN16, and cast steel is selected for the valve body above PN25. Generally, the sewage pipeline pressure is below PN16.

Question: The customer reflects that the wafer butterfly valve which has EPDM rubber and ductile iron disc is difficult to switch after a heating season.They asked if replacing the 304 disc can solve this problem?
Answer: There are two possibilities. One may be that the rubber valve seat is aging rapidly at a higher temperature for a long time. The other may be that the disc is rusted and jammed. If it is the second reason,switching to a 304 disc is a solution to this problem.

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