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What is the difference between gate and globe valves

Mar 27,2019 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

Gate valves and globe valves have some similarities in appearance.Therefore, there are often customers can not tell the difference between the two.This article will answer your questions.Let's talk about the difference between gate valves and globe valves.

Gate and globe valves have some similarities in appearance.But if you look carefully, there's a big difference.First the gate valve is shorter than the globe valve.But the gate valve height is higher than the globe valve.In particular, outside stem gate valves require higher installation space.Second, the gate valve can only be used in the pipeline to do media truncation.It can only be on or off.The main function of the globe valve is regulation.It plays the role of regulating medium flow in the pipeline.

The difference between gate valve and globe valve is embodied in the following points:


Gate valves are more complex than globe valves.Gate valves are shorter in length than globe valves in appearance.But the gate valve height size is larger.In addition, there are outside stem gate valve and non ring stem gate valve.Outside stem gate valves require higher height space.However, globe valves do not require a high height space.
gate valve,butterfly valve

2. Sealing surface

The gate of the gate valve is in contact with the seat seal face when it is switched.The two rub against each other.Over time, friction will cause wear on the sealing surface.The disc of the globe valve contacts the sealing face of the seat only when closed.So the globe valve sealing surface mechanical wear small.

3.Flow direction

Gate valve belongs to two - way valve.It has no requirements for the inlet and outlet ends of the pipeline.But the globe valve has the request to the flow direction.It allows the fluid medium to flow only in one direction.

4.Flow resistance

Gate valves are only allowed to be fully open and fully closed.In the fully open state, the whole pipeline flow path is straight.There's nothing stopping it.At this time, the operating pressure loss of the medium is the minimum.However, globe valves are used for flow regulation.The medium is subject to greater resistance as it flows.

5. Maintenance process

Gate valves shall be removed from the line for maintenance.Most globe valve seats and discs can be replaced online without removing the entire valve from the line.So the globe valve is more suitable for occasions where valves and lines are welded together.

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