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What is the development history of the two-way hard seal butterfly valve?

Aug 01,2019 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

The two-way hard seal butterfly valve is a valve product that has been rapidly developed in recent years. From the earliest midline butterfly valve to the later three eccentric sealing butterfly valve and now to the three eccentric two-way sealing structure, the hard sealing butterfly valve has greatly reformed and improved its sealing performance. In this evolutionary process, leading valve manufacturers have put in a lot of hard work and hard work.

Let us first look at the sealing characteristics of the two-way hard seal butterfly valve. Its sealing material is forged with metal or harder material, which is durable and has a longer service life than general valve products. However, because of the material properties of the sealing surface, its sealing performance is inferior to that of a normal butterfly valve, making it difficult to completely seal. But now, with the improvement of technology, there have been many levels of hard-sealed butterfly valves, which can achieve zero leakage. It has the dual advantages of a soft seal and a hard seal.
hard seal butterfly valve

The seat sealing surface of the two-way hard sealing butterfly valve is made of alloy material butt welding, which is resistant to high temperatures and easy to operate. And its opening and closing has no friction torque transmitted to the valve stem, which greatly improves the sealing performance of the sealing butterfly valve and prolongs the service life. Its main technical feature is the advantage of having a two-way seal. This structure effectively compensates for medium pressure and achieves zero leakage sealing performance at both low and high temperatures.

Technology is developing. Society is also making progress. In the past ten years of development, the two-way hard seal butterfly valve has made great progress in product development, performance, quality, reliability and service. The outlook for its market is optimistic. In the future, valve manufacturers will make greater efforts to continuously innovate the development path of energy saving, water saving and material saving. And we must speed up the elimination of low-efficiency, high-energy butterfly valve products, adjust the industrial structure, and promote the development and promotion of new technologies and new products. At present, some established manufacturers have already owned their own multi-system butterfly valve products. If you want to purchase a two-way hard seal butterfly valve, please choose Bundor Valve. We will be your best choice.

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