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Does the butterfly valve have directional restrictions when it is installed?

Aug 28,2019 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

The butterfly valve, like other valves, has a direction when it is installed.

Like the door, the valve has a free door that can be opened inside and can be opened outside. At the same time, the valve also has a directional door, which can only be opened inside (or outward). Many doors are directional doors that open only in one direction. Moreover, there are directional doors at the time of installation, which are required when in use. Why is that? If the mall is on fire, people are going to the door, but the door is open from the outside. People are going out, and the more and more people are crowding the door. And a few people pulled the door handles off and eventually failed to open the door. If the door opens from the inside, people will open when they hold the door. The door handle will not be broken and people will be saved.
Does the butterfly valve have directional restrictions when it is installed?

The principle is the same for valves. When the water is in the mouth of the valve, as long as the support bar is lightly loose, the water will go out. If the direction of the valve is reversed, the water will hold the valve and the lever will become a pull bar. The power of the water to hold the door is very large, and the pull or the tie rod will be broken soon, so that the valve will never open.

According to the above introduction, the installation of the butterfly valve is directional. However, butterfly valves are also different from other valves.

It depends on the type of butterfly valve you have. Generally low pressure soft seal concentric wafer or flanged butterfly valves are two-way flow. The medium and high pressure valves are all selected as hard-sealing wafer or flanged eccentric butterfly valves. These are all unidirectional, and there is a flow indicator on the valve body!

The soft-sealed concentric butterfly valve can be installed without the restriction of the direction of fluid flow. When installing the hard-sealed eccentric butterfly valve, it should be installed in the same direction as the direction of the arrow and the direction of fluid flow.

The above discussion is only the problem of the butterfly valve installation direction under normal conditions. In the actual installation and use, we must consider a variety of factors, such as working conditions pressure, temperature, design concepts and so on.

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