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Advantages and disadvantages of concentric butterfly valves

Sep 28,2019 Posted by Bundor

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The advantages of the concentric butterfly valve are as follows.

The concentric butterfly valve uses a neutral seal structure. The disc seal of the butterfly valve is concentric with the center line of the valve body and the center line of the rotation of the valve stem. The upper and lower ends of the disc near the valve stem are designed as two smooth flat surfaces and are in close contact with the seat ring made of rubber, so that the medium does not leak from both ends. The outer edge of the disc is designed as a spherical outer edge. When processing, ensure that the arc surface has a suitable surface roughness. The seat ring ensures a suitable surface finish at the sealing surface during compression molding. When the valve is closed, the disc rotates from 0 to 900 and gradually compresses the seat ring made of rubber, which causes the seat ring to elastically deform. The elastic force formed is used as the necessary sealing specific pressure to ensure good sealing performance of the valve.
butterfly valve

Concentric butterfly valves are designed to reduce flow resistance.

1. The channel is designed as a full-diameter structure, which ensures the flow area of the valve and reduces the flow resistance when the fluid passes through the valve.

2. The disc adopts the dish-shaped streamline design, which not only ensures the stress intensity at the center of the disc, but also ensures that the valve can obtain a large flow coefficient and a small fluid resistance coefficient.

3. The design of the seat seal is a soft seal structure of rubber and resin skeleton (fixed sleeve). After being made, it is embedded in the valve body. The inner ring is higher than the valve body cavity and adopts a streamlined design to reduce the flow resistance.

The disadvantages of concentric butterfly valves are as follows.

Concentric butterfly valves can only be made into soft-seal butterfly valves because of their structural characteristics. Therefore, the concentric butterfly valve can only be used in the working environment of low pressure and normal temperature, and is not suitable for high temperature and high pressure working conditions.

The above is the introduction of the advantages and disadvantages of concentric butterfly valves. More butterfly valve knowledge, please continue to pay attention to the Bundor Valve.

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