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Classification of soft seal gate valves

Sep 28,2019 Posted by Bundor

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Regarding the classification of soft seal gate valves, there are two kinds of common ones on the market, namely, rising stem flanged soft seal gate valves and non rising stem flanged soft seal gate valves. Their corresponding models are Z41X-10/16Q and Z45X-10/16Q.
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The soft seal gate valve has a good sealing performance. It can be widely used as a shut-off device on water pipelines of water systems such as tap water, sewage, and construction.

Soft seal gate valves have the following features compared to hard seal gate valves.

1. It has a flat bottom seat. There is a groove at the bottom of the conventional gate valve body passage. When the passing water medium contains stones, wood blocks, paper scraps, etc., it will deposit in the groove of the valve bottom, which will make the valve unable to close tightly and cause leakage. The bottom of the soft seal gate valve adopts the same flat bottom design as the water pipe, which is not easy to cause debris accumulation. It keeps fluids unobstructed.

2. It uses integral encapsulation. We use high quality rubber to wrap the valve disc. Moreover, the rubber and the shutter are firmly connected and are not easy to fall off. The rubber has good elastic memory and the seal is tight.

3. It is resistant to corrosion. The inside and outside of the valve are electrostatically coated with powder epoxy resin. Spray thickness up to 250μm, which can effectively prevent corrosion and rust caused by contact between the valve body and the medium, and can be used in sewage systems.

4. The valve body is made of ductile iron material superior to the national standard for precision casting, which is not easy to be cracked and cracked. It will not cause breakage due to transportation, collision or installation.

The above is a brief introduction to the soft seal gate valve. For more information on soft sealing gate valves, please pay attention to the Bundor Valve.

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