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Where is the gate valve used?

Sep 26,2019 Posted by Bundor

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We all know that gate valves are a very high-use valve that we can often encounter in our daily lives. But specifically what is the purpose of the gate valve? Which pipes do we use for gate valves?

The gate valve is used on some pipes that need to cut off the flow of the medium. The diameter of the pipe is DN ≥ 50mm. Of course, gate valves are also used in cutting devices with relatively small diameters. The gate valve is the valve that moves the gate in the vertical direction along the centerline of the passage. The main function of the gate valve in the pipeline is to cut off.
Where is the gate valve used?

The gate valve has a unique structure, its flow resistance is smaller than that of the butterfly valve, and the sealing performance is also better. The gate valve switch is laborious, and the opening and closing speed is slow, which is not suitable for occasions requiring frequent operation or emergency cut-off. The gate valve can only be fully open and fully closed, so it cannot be used to regulate the flow. In summary, the gate valves are mostly used in pipes that have strict sealing performance and do not require frequent opening and closing. It is used to cut off the circulation of the medium.

The gate valve has better adaptability than the butterfly valve, and it can be used in high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, low pressure and other working conditions. In steam pipes and large-diameter water supply pipes, gate valves are suitable due to the high sealing performance and small fluid resistance.

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