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Is the gate valve durable or the ball valve durable?

Sep 18,2021 Posted by Bundor

Industry News
A customer once asked the editor whether the gate valve is durable or the ball valve is durable. Before answering this question, we need to think about a truth. The comparison of the deviated regulations is meaningless. Gate valves and ball valves are two completely different valves. The working conditions they apply to are also very different, so it is not appropriate to simply compare gate valves and ball valves which is more durable. The editor of Bundor Valve will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of gate valves and ball valves for you. Friends can make a comparison.

Advantages of gate valve

1. The gate valve is fully opened, the internal medium channel of the valve body is straight, and the flow resistance is small.

2. When opening and closing, the movement direction of the gate valve is perpendicular to the flow direction of the medium, which will save effort when opening and closing.

3. The gate valve has a large stroke, a long opening and closing time, and it is not easy to produce water hammer.

4. The medium can flow in any direction on both sides of the gate valve body passage, and there is no direction restriction for installation, making the installation more convenient.

Disadvantages of gate valve

1. It is easy to cause erosion and scratches between the sealing surfaces, and it is difficult to maintain.

2. The size is large, and a certain amount of space is required for opening.

3. The stroke of the gate is large, and it takes a long time to open and close the valve.

4. It can only be fully open and fully closed, and the flow cannot be adjusted.

Advantages of ball valves

1. The thrust bearing reduces the friction torque of the valve stem, and the valve stem can be operated smoothly and flexibly for a long time.

2. A spring is arranged between the ball, valve stem, and valve body, which can lead out the static electricity generated during the switching process.

3. The valve body passage of the ball valve is also straight, and the fluid resistance is small.

4. The valve stem of the ball valve rotates instead of lifting, so that the packing seal of the valve stem is not easy to be damaged, so the ball valve has better sealing performance.

5. The material of the seat and sealing ring of the ball valve is polytetrafluoroethylene, and it has the characteristics of low friction coefficient, stable performance, not easy to age, and wide temperature application range.

Disadvantages of ball valves

The temperature resistance grade of the seat sealing ring material PTFE is low, and it can only be used at less than 180°C.

The above is an introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of gate valves and ball valves. Which of the two valves is more durable depends on your operating conditions. If you are not sure, you can contact us online or send an email to Make a reasonable selection for you according to your working conditions.

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