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The difference between centerline hard seal butterfly valve and triple eccentric hard seal butterfly valve

Nov 17,2021 Posted by Bundor

Industry News
Bundor Valve introduces the difference between the centerline hard-sealed butterfly valve and the triple-eccentric hard-sealed butterfly valve.

First of all, let's talk about the centerline hard-sealed butterfly valve. The sealing surface is made of stainless steel. The centerline butterfly valve has no hard seal, only a soft seal. Common sealing materials are EPDM and PTFE.

The centerline butterfly valve allows a certain amount of leakage. There is no seat sealing material, and the sealing surface material is the same as the valve body material. The suitable temperature of the ventilation butterfly valve depends on the material selection of the valve body. The nominal pressure is pn10. It is generally suitable for the dusty cold or hot air pipelines of ventilation and environmental protection projects in industries such as industry, metallurgy, environmental protection, chemical industry, building materials, power stations, and glass. A pipeline control device that regulates the flow or cuts off the gas medium.

The triple eccentric hard seal butterfly valve adopts the design of triple eccentric principle, and the new processing technology of elastic seal and hard and soft multi-layer seal is compatible, so that the butterfly valve can reduce its torque force during operation and achieve the functions of labor saving and energy saving. So as to ensure the overall reliability of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and wear resistance. It is suitable for high temperature and high pressure environments such as petroleum, chemical industry, power plants, steel plants, etc.

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