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I want to be a valve agent

Nov 17,2021 Posted by Bundor

Industry News
If I want to be an agent of valves, open a store selling valves in our local area, and see if you are hiring agents. If I want to act for your valves, what support can you provide for me?

Question: I am xxx (place name), I want to be an agent of valves, and open a store selling valves in our local area. See if you are hiring agents, if I want to be your valve agent, what can you provide me? Support?

Bundor Valve: Hello, Bundor Valve is currently recruiting agents across the country. If you want to be an agent of Bundor Valve, we must first confirm whether there is our agent in your area.
If you want to be our agent, Bundor Valve can provide you with the following support:

1. Generous profits, dealers have price advantages;

2. Product quality assurance, after-sales service of Bundor brand valves are contracted by manufacturers, and dealers have no worries about sales.

3. The supply is not late, and the production will be arranged within 8 hours after the order is confirmed to ensure the quality and delivery cycle of Bundor Valve products.

4. Perfect after-sales system, professional after-sales team, so that the problem is not solved, and the personnel are not evacuated.

5. Manufacturers from the source of strength, there is no middleman to make the difference.

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