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Difference between soft-seal butterfly valve and metal-seal butterfly valve

Mar 23,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

The soft seal butterfly valve includes two characteristics, one of the sealed form is the soft seal, one of the connection mode is the wafer.The wafer butterfly valve is divided into a soft seal butterfly valve and a metal seal butterfly valve. Soft seal means that the side of the butterfly valve seal is metal material on one side and elastic non-metallic material on the other side. The advantage of the soft-seal butterfly valve is that it is made of non-metallic materials with certain strength, hardness and temperature resistance. The sealing performance is good, but its service life and adaptability to temperature are poor. In contrast,metal seal butterfly valves are made of metal and can meet the technical requirements of some corrosive materials. Metal seals have a long service life, but their sealing performance is relatively poorer than that of soft seals. The main differences between the soft-seal wafer butterfly valve and the metal-seal butterfly valve are the following:

1. Structural difference: The soft seal butterfly valve is mostly a midline type. Hard seal butterfly valves are mostly single eccentric, double eccentric, and three eccentric butterfly valves.

2. Temperature resistance: the soft sealing butterfly valve is mostly used in ambient temperature.Metal sealing butterfly valve can be used in low temperature, normal temperature, high temperature and other environments.

3, Pressure: soft seal butterfly valve is only used for low pressure to normal pressure, hard seal can also be used in high pressure and other conditions. More resistant to high pressure.

4,The sealing performance:Soft seal and triple eccentric seal butterfly valve sealing performance is better, three eccentric butterfly valve in high pressure and high temperature environment can maintain a good seal.

In addition to the difference in product characteristics, soft-sealed butterfly and metsl-seal butterfly valves have their own performance and which are used in different operating conditions. Soft-seal wafer butterfly valves are suitable for bi-directional opening and closing of ventilation and dust removal pipelines, water treatment, light industry, petroleum and chemical industries. Metal seal  butterfly valve is mostly used for heating, gas supply, gas, oil, acid and alkali.

With the widespread use of the soft-seal butterfly valve, its features such as convenient installation, convenient maintenance, and simple structure become more obvious. The products have also been continuously upgraded. For example, electric butterfly valves and pneumatic butterfly valves are increasingly being used in more and more places in recent years, and they are gradually replacing some of the more expensive functions of gate valve, globe valve, etc.

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