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What is the butterfly valve?

Mar 26,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

If you're new to the valve industry and know nothing about butterfly valves, this article will be helpful.What is a butterfly valve? If you are observing it, the butterfly valve is omnipresent in our production and even our lives.There are many places where butterfly valves are used.To give a very simple example, the tap that we usually see is to use the principle of a butterfly valve to make water. And off the water. See here if you suddenly realize, then look down.

What is the butterfly valve?The butterfly valve, also known as the flap valve, is a simple structure regulating valve for the switch control of the low-pressure pipe medium.The butterfly valve's closure is called disc or butterfly plate, shape is disc shape.Its composition is also very simple, composed of body, stem, butterfly plate and sealing ring.Its composition is also particularly simple, consisting of a valve body, a valve stem, a butterfly plate and a seal ring. The working principle of the butterfly valve is also very simple. The rotation of the valve stem drives the butterfly plate to rotate. The butterfly plate rotates around the axis. The rotation angle is between 0 and 90 degrees. 

When the disk rotates to 90 degrees, the valve is fully openThe common butterfly valve has two kinds of wafer butterfly valve and flange butterfly valve. The wafer butterfly valve uses a stud bolt to connect the valve between the two pipe flanges. The flanged butterfly valve is provided with a flange on the valve, and bolts are used to connect the upper flanges of the valve to the pipe flange.

The characteristics of the butterfly valve are obvious, the structure is simple, the volume is small, and the weight is light. It consists of only a few parts. It can be opened and closed quickly by simply rotating 90 degrees, and the operation is very simple.

When the butterfly valve is fully open, the butterfly plate thickness is the only resistance of the medium through the valve body. The pressure generated by the valve is very small, so the butterfly valve can control the flow of the medium well.

There are two kinds of butterfly valve seals, with elastic seal (soft seal) and metal seal (hard seal). Soft seal butterfly valve refers to the rubber seal inlaid on the valve body or attached around the butterfly plate. A hard-sealed butterfly valve has a longer life than a soft-seal butterfly valve, but it is difficult to completely seal it. Hard seals used in high temperature work environments, the defects of the soft seal is obviously limited by the temperature.

The structural principle of the butterfly valve is very suitable for large diameter valves. Now it has been widely used in petroleum, gas, chemical, water treatment and other general industries, and also applied to the cooling water system of thermal power plants.

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