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What are the functions of the butterfly valve

Apr 24,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

Because of their smaller size, simpler structure and lighter weight, the butterfly valve has been increasingly applied to hot and cold air, hydropower, environmental protection, building water supply and drainage, municipal engineering and other pipeline systems. Used as a cut-off or mediation flow medium. In many occasions, because of the advantages of the butterfly valve itself, it has been possible to replace valves such as gate valves, globe valves, and ball valves in industrial piping applications. What are the functions of the butterfly valve?
butterfly valve function

Butterfly valve structure is very simple, only simple valve body, valve stem, disc, seat and drive a few simple parts, while the structure is simple, but the role of the butterfly valve can not underestimate, small structure has great utility.The type of butterfly valve is also very much. According to the sealing structure, it can be divided into soft sealing butterfly valve and common double eccentric hard sealing butterfly valve and three eccentric hard sealing butterfly valve. What are the functions and uses of different butterfly valves? Then look down.

  1. The butterfly valve can be used as a regulating flow, when the butterfly valve needs to regulate the flow under special working conditions, or in an environment where the sealing performance is strictly required, or the operating condition of the butterfly valve is severe wear, low temperature and other harsh work. In some cases, the three eccentric special butterfly valves with specially designed metal sealing tape adjusting device are needed.


  2. Double eccentric butterfly valve is suitable for adjusting and throttling devices in the pipelines of urban heating, gas supply, water supply, etc. The applicable medium includes oil products and acid-alkaline substances. The double eccentric butterfly valve has poor sealing performance and is applied in a pipeline that allows a certain amount of leakage. If the pipeline needs to ensure the sealing performance, a triple eccentric butterfly valve needs to be used.


       3. Soft seal butterfly valve has a good sealing performance, applicable to the management requirements of   a completely sealed, leaking zero pipeline, soft sealing butterfly valve sealing performance is good, the disadvantage is affected by                            temperature, rubber soft seal butterfly valve working temperature is 0 -80°C,  working temperature of fluorine seal butterfly valve is between -10°C and 150°C. Soft seal butterfly valve  applicable medium is fresh water, sewage, seawater,  salt                         water,  steam, oil and other weak acid-base media.

      4. The butterfly valve, especially the double-eccentric butterfly valve and the three-eccentric butterfly valve   in the hard-sealed butterfly valve are suitable for large-diameter valves. Double eccentric butterfly valve is  suitable for the opening and                    closing of ventilation and dust removal pipelines and is widely used in the  ventilation and dust removal pipelines in the metallurgical industry, light industry, power industry,  and petrochemical industry. The application of triple  eccentric butterfly              valve is more extensive. It not only  inherits the advantages of high temperature and high pressure of metal hard seal butterfly valve, but also has the excellent sealing performance of soft seal butterfly valve. It is a good substitute for gate valve,                  globe  valve and ball valve.

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